Florence the city of the Perspective and Photography

Did you know that Florence, the city of perspective, is also the place of the oldest photography company in the world?

Florence in the past from Alinari photo archive

It’s Fratelli Alinari that with its photo archive and museum has documented the transformation of Florence, Italy and Europe from the 19th century to our days.

Are you curious to see how Piazza Duomo or Piazzale Michelangelo or Fiesole looked like in the 1800? How florentine people lived and dressed at that time? What kind of shops you could find in the street? Can you immagine Palazzo Vecchio and its square full of horses and carriages instead of cars?

Through this amazing photos archive you can make a trip in the past, taking a look at the major florentine places, squares, gardens and buildings as they looked more than a century ago.

It’s really nice, original and unique way to explore Florence and see its evolution … isn’t it?

So, we suggest you to spend some of your time visiting the Museo Alinari, located in Piazza Santa Maria Novella at “Le Leopoldine”, an historical bulding from the 13th century that was before a school.

Le Leopoldine - Museo Alinari's place - Piazza Santa Maria Novella 14

The bulding is in front of the main facade of Santa Maria Novella Church, so you could match it with the visit of this important Cathedral, where it is exposed the famous “Trinità” by Masaccio.

Trinità di Masaccio - Santa Maria Novella Church

It’s very interesting that Santa Maria Novella is a “Camera Obscura” as well: in the sixteenth century, indeed, Danti realized a hole in the facade to observe the image of the sun on the floor. You can still see this image by yourself enter the church at noon.

Santa Maria Novella facade


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