Lampang’s great Bouddha

Thailand : Wat Phra That Lampang Luang 1/2

In Lampang we visited the Temple of Lampang’s great Bouddha that supposed to preserve a relic from Bouddha in the main Chedi of the Temple. Here is the main entrance with its big monster’s heads.

The Entrance

Monster’s head at the entrance of the Temple

Gold gate of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang

Rice fields

Thailand : Lampang Province

Then we moved ahead up to the north. Our final destination was the gold triangle, at the border with Myanmar and Cambodia. During our trip, around Lampang Province, we saw wonderful landscapes with green rice fields and workers bent picking the precious rice.

Rice fields in Lampang

It was very touching for us see those people so kind, friendly and smiling with us, despite bad work condition

Rice workers in Lampang province covered to protect from the sun

Ayutthaya Temple

Thailand : Wat Yai Chai Mongkol Temple

Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, the temple of the reclined Buddha, is also famouse for the high Stupa which mesure 62,10 meters in height and was built with 28.144 tons of brick.

The high Stupa

Buddha statues surround the Stupa

Statue of Buddha

Bang Pa-In

Thailand : Royal Palace Bang Pa-In

After our visits in the south of Bangkok, coming back from the Floting Market, we stopped one day in Bangkok and then started the north tour. It took around 6 days and the first stop we made was in Bang Pa-In, Aiuttaya province, where we visited the Royal Palace, also known as Summer Palace.

The Royal Palace

We stepped in …

Bang Pa-In – Bread merchant in front of the Royal Palace


Thailand : Local food

In Amphawa Canal is full of vendors with their boats, serving food and drinks.
Those amazing women can cook and serve food directly from their local boats. I’ve tasted wonderful fish and vegetarians dish and in the night we also had an incredibile boat tour, seeing fireflies along the canal.

Amphawa, dinner along the Canal

Amphawa, local vendor

Amphawa, fish specialties